Who we are

I'm Andrée

Since 2002, I have re-dedicated my career to help women to: develop clarity, confidence and a deeper understanding of themselves to achieve the success they desire in their career and their lives, whilst maintaining health and wellbeing.
I bring my deep held corporate experiences, empathic coaching and training skills together to achieve your optimum goals and dreams.

How Am I Different From Other Coaches?


I’m a heart centred coach who is very results-focused, yet empathetic to my client’s needs. The way I work is to start with your Core Values which are fundamental to your future success as they drive your behaviour, thinking, actions and reactions to situations. This in turn produces longer lasting results due to the fact that you have a deep understanding of who you are, what you stand for and is a sure fire way to get you where you need to be for your ‘ideal career’ and future.
When you work with me, we agree measurable goals and work to achieve them through a bespoke structured programme.
The programme is tailored to your specific needs and follows the principles of my 5 step process. The programme is intensive and designed to deliver amazing results for your career and life success.