Behind The Mask

Behind the mask is an interactive book, designed to help you discover the secrets of authenticity and unveil the real you behind the mask.
Living authentically will provide you with greater fulfilment and allow you to live the life you truly desire, both at home and at work.


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“There is more to most than meets the eye”

We come into this world with nothing and go out of it leaving behind a legacy which is often not a true reflection of what or who we truly were.

At the heart of our true spiritual being we are constantly searching for joy, happiness and fulfilment and in some cases financial freedom and security. Throughout my life, I have met so many people who have spent years being someone who they truly aren’t and feeling unhappy in their own skin. These people often live their lives by someone else’s ideals and rules or an organisation’s values, without receiving either the accolades they deserve or the ability to influence others effectively.

Over the past 16 years, I have been working as a coach and trainer, helping other people to discover their true self, identifying their values and what others’ perception of them is.

Take this invitation to explore who you truly are – not what you have come to believe you are – and discover what you can achieve by being authentic and the true you.

What have you got to lose? Don’t waste any more time hiding behind your mask. Discover who you really are and how you would like to present yourself in order to be fulfilled, happy and able to achieve great things.

This book is designed to be a thought provoking and interactive tool for self-reflection, enabling you to identify the true you and live the life you desire.

Behind The Mask Book – Hard Copy

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Behind The Mask Audiobook



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Behind the Mask book will help you discover:

  • Who you are
  • What makes you unique
  • Why you are not totally fulfilled and perhaps feeling dissatisfied and unhappy with the life you lead
  • What stops you being your authentic self and what to do about it
  • What your core values are and whether you are living them
  • The impact you have on those around you and how this affects your relationships
  • What people really think of you but aren't saying
  • Your strengths and vulnerabilities and how to optimise these to your best advantage
  • What your map of the world looks like that - your future self
  • Greater confidence and presence
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Andree is a ‘knight in shining armour’ amiably rescuing and helping people improve their lives be it in a social or work context’. She has a wonderful mix of emotional intelligence, diligence, passion and hard work. Her book will help others in a real, pragmatic and meaningful way to help them understand themselves without the stress and impediment of wearing a mask.

Laura Hopson – HR Consultant

Andree has always had the best half glass full attitude that I have come across.  Her resilience to overcome obstacles and stay authentic to what she knows is second to none.  I have seen her walk away from work because it didn’t ‘feel right’ for her.  In the learning and development consultancy field, that is rare, as is Andree.   It is a privilege to work with her and recommend her.

Sue Murkin - CIPD 

Andree is one of the kindest, knowledgeable and thoughtful people I know within the field of behavioural change.  Her ability to engage and develop people has always impressed me.  She has a life-changing impact on those she supports[G1]  getting them to be their authentic self in a natural, encouraging and self-sustaining way.

Graham Roberts – Behavioural Change Consultant

Andree is a wonderful, genuine and authentic person who is completely selfless helping people to achieve outcomes.   I owe her a lot as I would not be where I am today in my career and happiness without her continued help and genuine support.  She is a wonderfully charismatic and passionate person and I appreciate her continued friendship and support.[G2] 

Dan Weintrob – Learning & Development Manager

Bonus Content

Book Buyers can get access to the amazing bonus content which includes: The wheel of life exercise, Emotional Intelligence questionnaire, Action planning toolkit, and more. Access to a 30-minute Breakthrough Discovery Session with Andree to identify whether you are living authentically or need to change your life, (value £200).  

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Behind the Mask – Audible Book

It’s been a momentous few years for award winning author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Andree Funnell. July 2019 saw Andree make her literary debut with her ground-breaking new book, ‘Behind the Mask’.

It’s so much more than just another self-help book.

Put quite simply, it is an essential step by step guide to turning your life around and achieving the kind of life you deserve. Andree embarked on a marketing campaign which has involved radio shows, magazine articles, social media, book launches and book signing events and has been pleasantly surprised how the book has been received, and the positive feedback that has been provided. One of the most prolific suggestions she received was to transform it into an audible book.

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