“It was really great to get one-on-one coaching on my Career Accelerator programme with Andrée as she really helped me to reflect and open up about my perceptions and opinions in order to succeed in my future career”.

“Andrée is a great listener and an excellent facilitator, helping me to push forward the feelings and ideas I had within to come to the root of why I was facing problems. “

“Andrée helped me to discover and confirm the skills and personality traits I possess  and introduced me to new ways of thinking. She helped me to build my confidence and know who I truly am and what I can achieve for my future as a business leader.”

“Andrée has a fountain of knowledge which has helped me enhance my skills and understanding within my role and how I can utilise them for my future career.  She is hugely driven, approachable and adapts the programme to make it relevant and purposeful to me.  I have learnt a huge amount about myself and how to be ‘THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF’ in order to succeed in my future career.”