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Empower Your Journey to Success and Wellbeing

Speaking Engagements

Join me as a seasoned confidence and wellbeing coach, on an inspirational journey towards personal and professional empowerment. Discover the keys to unlocking your true potential and achieving success without compromising your wellbeing.

Event dates will be posted throughout the year and they will also be advertised on social media via Linked in and my Facebook group (click on the icons below).



Stay tuned for updates on additional events and retreats. The aim is to help you embark on rejuvenating retreat run by myself or a wellbeing associate of mine. They are designed for professional career women seeking balance and fulfilment. You will be able to immerse yourself in a transformative experience that integrates self-discovery, wellness practices, and connection with like-minded individuals.

Watch this space or fill in the contact details for more information.


Upcoming events - dates to be announced in 2024

Speaking opportunities - dates to be announced in 2024

Confidence and Wellbeing retreats - dates to be announced in 2024