Helping professional women step into their power to achieve success, fulfilment and well-being they desire in their lives and careers


We can help you to gain clarity in navigating life and career challenges.  Unlock the secrets to living confidently and authentically, ensuring you achieve the success, recognition, and happiness you deserve and avoiding burnout.

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Do any of the following apply to you?
Being overlooked for promotion
Not being paid your worth
Feel like you are in the wrong career or job
Your health, wellbeing and relationships are suffering
Whatever the situation, seeking clarity in your life is essential. Work with me to discover the secrets of living life confidently to achieve the success, recognition and happiness you deserve.  

How we can help


VIP Intensive 1:1 Coaching Programme

Our VIP Intensive 1:1 Confidence and Wellbeing Coaching Programme is your key to transformation and achieving the career and life you desire without burnout.

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1-1 Coaching

A four month confidence, wellbeing and career programme for Professional Women who are ready to uncover their purpose and achieve the success they deserve.

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Group Coaching

A group coaching programme to accelerate your career in five easy steps.

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I want all women to feel confident, empowered, resilient and successful - to flourish in their personal and professional lives
Andrée is a great listener and an excellent facilitator, helping me to push forward the feelings and ideas I had within to come to the root of why I was facing problems
I went from dreading work every day, to feeling fulfilled and passionate about my job again

My Path to Hope and Wellness

This inspirational book draws from first-hand experience of living with a life-threatening illness with practical insights into a combined approach to wellness using orthodox and holistic treatments and self-care strategies.

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We enable women to:

  • Gain clarity on what's important to them personally and  professionally 
  • Take ownership of their direction, goals, wants and needs
  • Connect with their innate strengths
  • Increase emotional intelligence, self-awareness and how to enhance them for life and  professional success
  • Build resilience and self-esteem
  • Create positive change and build optimism in their professional futures
  • Be courageous, resilient and have a positive mindset.
  • Improve their wellbeing
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All the tools you need to reclaim your confidence and make a lasting impact on your career, wellbeing and life.


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