This masterclass is coming soon and the date will be confirmed in due course 

Some phenomenal tools and techniques...

To help you to find clarity, confidence and credibility to transform your life and progress your successful career.

Don't take a chance with your career in 2024.

This 90 minute workshop aims to help you break through from where you are now in your business/career and life into your next level of success whilst being mindful of your well-being!

We will support you on a journey that will see you identify your purpose, smash through professional barriers and progress onto the next level of your successful life path. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a high-flying corporate woman who wants to break through that glass ceiling, this workshop is for you.

The next scheduled event is due to run on Wednesday 10th January 2024



Get a personlised 1:1 Clarity Career Confidence call to help you achieve this for FREE.


If you are looking to shape your career journey for 2024 and beyond then this is an excellent Masterclass for you.


It will be an interactive session where you will be journaling your ideas, goals, desires and more to set out your stall for your future success.

What we will cover is:

✅  Journaling and reflection for 2024 success

✅  Clarify your big vision and goals for 2024

✅  What does my career path look like?

✅  Goal Setting to achieve your vision

✅  Setting Action Plans to achieve my vision and goals


Rock your Career in 2024 

AFC does not make any guarantees regarding your ability to get results or earn more money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies.

The programme is intended to provide you with the tools and techniques to be able to have a greater understanding of yourself and to get clarity, credibility and the confidence to achieve success in your career/life.

Participating in this programme you assume responsibility for your own behaviour, actions and outcomes in life as a result of putting anything you have learnt into action, regardless of your interpretation of the advice or content read.

You further agree that the coach and any company owned by her, cannot be held responsible in any way for the success or failure of your outcomes and/or career as a result of the information obtained in this programme.