Advanced Coaching Skills For Professionals

This is an advanced level programme for coaches, who already have gained experience in coaching.

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone interested in developing their coaching skills further to enhance their career or those who have an established coaching business. 

The course is particularly suited to students who have completed an initial coaching programme, whether recently or some time ago, and are keen to expand their practice.

The aim of the programme is to help coaches deepen their practice in various ways: 

  • Enhancing intervention skills. 
  • Better understanding clients' needs, using Emotional Intelligence to support your coaching. 
  • Defining the importance of psychological contracts and using ethical and professional standards.
  • Understanding dynamics in the coaching relationship and aligning learning styles to meet the client needs.

You may be a business, life or health coach who works in corporate or as a business owner, with years of experience, or newly qualified. Whatever your situation, your practice will be deepened and developed as a result of attending.

Over four sessions, you will be supported as you embed these new advanced practices, identify key areas, and be guided along the way to help you put all of your newfound knowledge into practice.

Assessment Methods

There are various ways in which key learnings and understanding of the application of the topic into workplace practice can be assessed before accreditation, as follows:

  • A learning log identifying at least three learnings over the four sessions.

  • An action plan identifying how you have used the new practices and how you intend to or have applied the knowledge into workplace practice.

  • Evidence of 20 hours of live coaching sessions – at least twelve of these in the workplace or client sessions. 

If working for an organisation, your Line Manager must sign off the evidence of your coaching sessions. 



“It was really great to get one-on-one coaching on my Career Accelerator programme with Andrée as she really helped me to reflect and open up about my perceptions and opinions in order to succeed in my future career”.

“Andrée has a fountain of knowledge which has helped me enhance my skills and understanding within my role and how I can utilise them for my future career. She is hugely driven, approachable and adapts the programme to make it relevant and purposeful to me. I have learnt a huge amount about myself and how to be ‘THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF’ in order to succeed in my future career.”



Session 1 - Dynamics & Coaching Relationships

Session 2 - Psychological Contracts & Professional Standards

Session 3 - Enhancing Intervention Skills

Session 4 - Skills Practice

Benefits Of Attending The Programme

This accredited Foundation Level coaching programme offers the following benefits for aspiring coaches:

Credibility Boost

Completing an accredited programme enhances your professional credibility, demonstrating to potential clients and employers your level of knowledge and expertise.

Comprehensive Skill Development

This accredited programme covers a broad spectrum of coaching skills, including communication, active listening, goal setting, and effective questioning. This equips you with a well-rounded skill set crucial for successful coaching.

Ethical Standards Adherence

Accredited programmes emphasise ethical coaching practices.

Recognition in the Industry

Accreditation aligns you with industry standards. This recognition can be valuable when seeking employment, partnerships, or establishing your coaching practice.

Client Attraction and Retention

Clients often seek coaches who have undergone accredited training, viewing it as a mark of quality. It also helps attract and retain clients more readily.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Many accredited programmes encourage ongoing learning through CPD, defining commitment to current practices.


If you have any questions about specific programmes or want guidance on selecting the right one, feel free to ask!



Prices available on request following a coaching consultation to discover your needs and to ensure suitability to the programme. 

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